This week on Homework Hotline

This week is packed with interesting stuff!  See what we have planned for you!



In this week’s Move to Include segment we will be visiting Camp Eagr, a camp run by the organization Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc.  Camp Eagr is designed for children living with the disorder of Epilepsy and also for their siblings.  It’s a safe place where children living with the disorder can feel comfortable and can participate in all sorts of fun activities. We will also have Mike Radell live on set to talk a little more about the camp and why it is so important.


Our friends from the Seneca Park Zoo will be here with a spotted turtle! 


How much do you know about wireless energy? Tonight, we will learn about Nikola Tesla and his idea of sending wireless energy through the Earth. 


The Rochester Museum and Science Center are here with another experiment tonight!