Move to Include

Air Date: 

September 10, 2014

Homework Hotline and the Golisano Foundation have teamed up on a new project called Move to Include.
This project and partnership are designed to promote inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Through programming, Homework Hotline and the Golisano Foundation look to build a more inclusive community by inspiring and motivating people to embrace different abilities and include all people in every aspect of community life. For more information about the Move to Include project, please click here.

Wednesday nights on Homework Hotline will be dedicated to our new Move to Include segment series. HH will be collaborating with a variety of organizations and partner groups to provide information, increase awareness, highlight programs and projects, and much more!

Here are some of the partners that we will be working with and highlighting - click on any of the links below to learn more:

Click here to see more of our Move to Include videos.

Support for this initiative is made possible thanks to the Golisano Foundation.